Let’s Talk: consulting, coaching, counselling

Kerry Francis

Let’s Talk provides innovative workshops for professionals working with children and families; consulting and coaching services; counselling and creative resources for families confronting real life issues.


‘Meet the Woolly’s’ is a warm hearted comic book for children of a parent or family member with alcohol dependence and depression. The Woolly children get good support to understand their Mum’s problem and gain reassurance as to how to manage a difficult situation together. Beautifully illustrated and easy to read.


Taking Care of Yourself…. (for adolescents and adults)

Listen to the voice you use when you talk to yourself inside your head – is it critical and angry.... “what did you do that for?” or is it nurturing and supportive.... “never mind, we can fix this with some help.” If you hear a critical voice in your head, replace it...

Top Tips for Parents Living Apart/Divorced/Separated

1. Keep a consistent routine of contact between both parents – try and set up a plan for contact with the parent who is not the main caregiver during the week and stick to it. This will decrease anxiety in the child and support good behaviour. If you have 50:50 shared...